Department of  Commerce  

Teaching Faculty 

Mr. Virendra Amonkar 
Assistant Professor 
M.Com. Mphil.BEd. NET
Area of Interest : 
Income tax , Accounting and finance
Dr. Roshan Usapkar 
In-charge of Department 
Assistant Professor 
Research Guide
Mcom Mphil PGDBA NET Ph.D.
Area of Interest : Security analysis, Behavioral finance, microfinance.
Ms. Salima  Gajanan Haldankar
Assistant Professor 
M.Com. , NET 
Area of Interest : Accounting ,Income Tax , Marketing.
Ms. Stally Maria Pereira
Assistant Professor, Inter C.A
Area of Interest: Taxation, Accounting and Corporate Governance
Ms. Mrunali Manohar Jambotkar
Assistant Professor 
M.Com, NET, SET, Ph.D  Reading
Area of Interest : Accounting and Finance, Derivatives, Econometrics
Mr. Akshay Sakharkar  
Assistant Professor 
Ph.D. Reading , M.Com,NET & SET
Area of Interest :
Accounting, Finance & Economics of Growth.
Ms. Cherrie Fatima Joao
Assistant Professor 
M.Com, NET
Area of Interest : Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Ms. Sanjivani Sanjiv Shirodkar
Assistant Professor
M.Com. , SET
Area of Interest : Accounting, Marketing, Cost Accounting
Ms. Shreya Narayan Nimlekar 
Assistant Professor 
Area of Interest : Marketing Management, IT, Cost & Management Accounts
Ms. Poonam Santosh Govekar 
Assistant Professor
M.Com. , SET ,B.Ed.
Area of Interest : Accounts & Finance
Ms. Sanchali Sanjay Salgaonkar
Assistant Professor 
M.Com, NET
Area of Interest : Business Finance, Cost control, Research Methodology, Income Tax
Ms. Samiksha Shashikant Naik 
Assistant Professor
M.Com. ,B.Ed.,SET
Area of Interest:
Accounting, Auditing and Management subjects
Ms. Trishala Prasad Gadekar 
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. (mathematics) ,B.Ed.
Area of Interest :  Painting 
Ms. Manju Mahale 
Assistant Professor 
M.Com. , NET, SET ,B.Ed.
Area of Interest :
Human Resource
Ms. Ratisha Prathamesh Naik
Assistant Professor 
Area of Interest: Business law, corporate law and labour law
Ms. Noella Avilia Nazareth
Assistant Professor
M. Com., NET JRF
Area of Interest : Machine Learning, Stock Markets, Accounting

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